Our manifesto

Nobody should stop anyone from doing what they love.

If you’re a passionate reader, would you listen to someone saying “Hey, that’s enough.”

Or if you love playing football, does anyone have the right to tell you to quit?

So you love being naked.

Eating naked.

Walking naked.

Sleeping naked.

You’re not naked for display. Or for someone else’s pleasure.

You’re naked for you.

So why should you stop?

True, it’s not safe to be naked in public.

Or for that matter among most other people.

But when you’re on your own, keep doing what you love.

Enjoy being naked.

And when you feel comfortable enough, you can start talking about it.

Tell your room mates, you’d like to be naked more often.

Would they mind? They could say no.

But the first reaction of most people will be curiousity. They’ll ask you questions.

Why do you do it?

Is it about sex?

Is it for confidence?

Be honest about it. But more importantly, be open.

Set their mind at ease.

Because that’s essentially what being naked is all about.

Being at ease with yourself and your body.

Be naked. Be happy.