Best app for sharing private selfies

There are many popular chat apps designed for sharing nude photos. Some of their features address three key security risks:

  • Loss of control over a phone

The receiver can lose his or her phone. Or someone else unintended might access it and be able to view or see the nudes. Apps like Snapchat and Wickr destroy the images within a set period of time. So although the person who finds the phone might see the image, they won’t have access to it for long, limiting their ability to pose a long term threat.

  • Saving or sharing photos

For whatever reason, the receiver may save the photos sent to him or her. Whether it is with the sender’s permission or not, this poses a serious risk to the sender. Snapchat and Wickr both disable saving and the ability to share any images received.

  • Taking screenshots

A way of saving the photo without alerting the sender is by taking screenshots. Or by using another phone or digital camera to take a photo of the screen. This is where Snapchat and Wickr have failed. At least with iPhones. Wickr forces users to leave their finger on the phone to view any image received, which prevents any other function from executing on Android phones. But iPhone has a built-in button combination that works around this issue and allows anyone to take screenshots.

That’s why a new app called Yovo is superior for sharing nudes. Like Snapchat and Wickr, it forces a time limit and blocks saving and sharing photos. But with an ingenious feature called Dfence, it makes all screenshots look like prison bars. Even those taken by a different digital camera.

So start using Yovo. It’s the best for nude selfies.