Body Image Therapy

Because of the highly sexualised and idealised manner way the media portrays human bodies, we are seeing more and more people having very skewed images of what they should look like. And this false impression leads them to look on their own appearance negatively.

So, as nudists, we want to do our part to help people reduce this impression of themselves, build their self-confidence and change the way they see others.

Our Body Image Therapy sessions are organised in group therapies. Patients are invited along with nudists. The nudists share their experiences with their bodies and why they got into nudism. They will cover topics like how they overcame their own feelings about their bodies and how they feel about masculine and feminine identification in society and the media.

To foster the climate of openness and fearlessness, the nudists will be nude. But patients are not required to be.

Through these free and intimate explorations, many patients have reported leaving with better insights and acceptance of themselves, of human bodies and of their own gender identity.

Adults who suffer from anxiety, frustration or guilt with their weight, eating habits or their appearance are recommended to attend.