Catch moments of nudity

In many societies across Asia, we cannot live openly as nudists. We don’t have the luxury of nude enclaves or even the tolerance of nudity.

So we need to find those rare moments in the day when we can go about without the encumberance of clothes.

The most common occurance, of course, is to sleep naked. In our own private space, we can be as naked as long as we want to.

But there are also other moments, such as when shopping for clothes. We can strip completely and enjoy that moment of nudity in the changing room. In gender-exclusive spas. Or for that matter, in the seclusion of public restroom stalls.

I for one exercise this right to nudity wherever and whenever possible.

We were not born with clothes. And we while we have to abide by society’s aversion to nudity, we should always resist it in our own small ways.