How to start a nude restaurant

Nude restaurants are all the rage right now. And starting a nude restaurant is relatively easy, if you use the pop-up restaurant concept.

Pop-up restaurants are a popular concept in the west, very often as supper clubs by new chefs trying out their skills.

Basically, all you need is a spacious comfortable environment, preferably with a kitchen. It doesn’t even need to be an owned space. It could be a space rented on the fly.

There are many such places on AirBnb that available for rent on short notice that allow events to be held on premises.

It needs to be private and allow early check-in so that the area and the food can be prepared early. Early check-in is also useful if the restaurant wants to open for lunch.

Of course marketing your restaurant is the hard part. It has to be by word-of-mouth to only trusted parties.