How you will feel when you’re nude with others

Everyone has a strong reaction the first time they’re nude in a social setting. But it’s usually not what they think.

  1. More chatty
  2. Many nudists report being more open and talkative, being able to chat people up. People who see themselves as shy and introverts very often find their own voice. Because without clothes, everyone seems a lot more approachable.

  3. More confident
  4. Society and media make us a lot more self-conscious about our own bodies. We’re often withdrawn because we don’t meet society’s definition of beauty. But in nude settings, we realise how ordinary we all look without our clothes on. So we become a lot more body confident and feel better about ourselves.

  5. Refreshed
  6. People return to nude events again and again because being nude feels good. When they leave, they get a re-charge as if they’ve come back from holiday. That’s the feeling of freedom that comes with being a nudist.

  7. Feeling young
  8. Being in a nude setting often reminds us of our youth when we were naked and free or another memory from childhood. It is such a strong feeling of being safe and “at home” that many nudists often report feeling young again.