National Be Naked Day

The first Sunday of August is International Be Naked Day.

It’s a day when more people around the world endeavour to spend without clothes. You and thousands of people are all naked at the same time, from the moment you get up till the moment you go back to bed.

So what can you do without clothes? Here are some ideas:

  • Pamper yourself. Start the day with personal hygiene. Shave yourself, take a long bubble bath with all the joy of ayurvedic scented washes.
  • Do more emailing. Save all your emailing for this day because no one will know you’re naked when you’re emailing them.
  • Take more photos. Shoot yourself naked every year on this day and save it in a NBND folder as a way to commemorate annual event.
  • Do all your housework. Make your bed naked, sweep, tidy up and reorganise your place. All naked.
  • Cook and eat naked. Arrange to have your place all to yourself on this day so you can spend the time in the kitchen cooking and eating without clothes.
  • Binge watch naked. Save all the shows you want to watch so you can spread yourself out and enjoy them naked.
  • Have a conversation naked. Facetime or Skype with someone while you’re naked. They don’t have to know if you frame it right. Or you can give them a hint by framing wider to see more torso.
  • Work naked. You could get more done at home without your clothes on.
  • Workout naked. There’s lots of bodyweight exercises you can do on your own. It’s better to workout naked and let yourself sweat without clothes.
  • Outside naked. Got a balcony? Then you must at least spend a few minutes outside for a refreshing breeze on your naked body.