Nude outdoor activities are restricted in Malaysia. But there are still plenty of nude social activities we can enjoy indoors. All we need is a little ingenuity and space.

Nude Readings

Inspired by the university students who attempted to organise Naked Reading sessions, we decided to form our own nude reading club. We get together and read and talk about our favourite books and authors. Not just The Naked Lunch, obviously.

Nude Classes

We even learn in the nude. We get members to talk about their topics of expertise. We’ve held sharing sessions about handicrafts, cooking, marketing and investing. Being in the nude is an enriching experience.

Nude Drawing

We also conduct nude life drawing sessions for the artistic among us. The models are nude, the artists have the option of keeping their clothes on. Facilitating body studies is a good way for us to contribute back to society and culture in a meaningful way.

Naked Cooking

Speaking of which, we also enjoy communal cooking and baking in the nude whenever the moment inspires us. Followed by eating in the nude, naturally.

Nude Workouts

One of our favourites are nude workouts. Held every morning Sunday in the home of one of our members. We have a home gym where we can perform strength training exercises. We also engage in nude pilates and nude yoga to keep our bodies supple and fit.