Top 3 reasons why you should not join Truenudists and other nudist forums

Joining a community forum and finding like-minded people who also enjoy the same activities as you sounds like a good idea, right?

Yes, it does. But joining an online forum isn’t like joining the scouts.

Especially when the forum is dedicated to nudism.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should never ever open such an account.

1. You can’t tell who the perverts are.

Short of meeting up with them face-to-face and discerning their pervert-ness, online forums don’t offer much protection from sex fiends. And there are lots of them.

2. Everyone will think you’re the pervert.

Any kind of forward behaviour like asking for a phone number or even Wechat ID, automatically paints you as a pervert. Yes, making contact is a necessary step to enjoy nudism together. But with the paranoia on the internet, it’s a step that kills.

3. YOU will become more paranoid.

Nudism is about being open and free. But the more you try to interact with people on nudist forums, the less open you want to be. Eventually, you’ll start seeing hidden agendas in everybody who says they’re a nudist. Even if they actually truly are.

There is a solution. Find a forum where membership is vetted so that only real nudists are admitted into it. So you are always assured that everyone you’re interacting with has nudism on their minds and nothing else.

Such a forum does not yet exist in Malaysia. But the good news is, we’re working on it.