What kind of Malaysian is attracted to nudism

While talking to nudists in Malaysia, you’ll notice a particular commonality. They all want to enjoy more personal freedom.

Which is why many older people in their 50s and 60s are attracted to nudism. They remember a time in Malaysia when there was more openness in society. And they want to recapture that feeling through nudism.

Many Malaysians who have grown up overseas, especially in more open societies are also attracted to nudism. As a way of resisting the current thread of conservatism and fundamentalism that runs through Peninsular Malaysia’s way of life.

And not forgetting, East Malaysians who have moved to West Malaysia. They come directly from a society that’s far more easy-going and open compared to the lifestyle they are forced to tolerate on the Peninsula. They want to live life free again and they do so through nudism.

If you meet people like these, talk to them about nudism. There’s a good chance they’re quite open to it.