Why are so many nudists so old?

Like nudists overseas, the majority of nudists in Malaysia are in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Or as young people call them, “old people”.

This age disparity is not because only old people are attracted to nudism.

It is because when young people finally do attend a nudist event, and they see who the majority of participants are, it simply confirms their worst fears.

That nudism does not suit their lifestyle since it is only for old people. So they are put off and tend not to return.

The truth is all old nudists started young. They just stuck with it long enough to enjoy it while old.

So if you are young and can get over the fact that you’ll see a lot of saggy bodies, please don’t despair. Ask yourself, why you like nudism. Isn’t it because nudism is about being open and non-judgmental?

If so, why discriminate by age? Why discriminate at all?

The idea of freedom without clothes is an idea that welcomes all.