Why we don’t have a forum or a Whatsapp group

Years ago, we had a forum for nudists in Malaysia. It could be found via Google and it welcomed everyone to join.

It closed down when the Penang nudists hit social media and many of the ex-members started revealing details from the forum.

So we don’t have a forum any more. And for the same reason we don’t have a Whatsapp group either.

There wouldn’t be much activity any way since organised nudist groups are now far more difficult to get together.

What about a Wechat group, you might ask. Well, Wechat offers anonymity. But what would be the point in that? Nudism requires trust and anonymity is the exact opposite of that. Anonymity engenders a level of distrust in the group.

And that’s no good in the long run.

In nudism, we desire to be open and free. So we have to create a group based on strong relationships and trust before we can have group communications again.