Women-friendly nudist rules

We try to create a nudist environment that’s safe for women and also take female-issues into account.

So here are a few dos and don’ts for both men and women.

  • No suggestive attire

This goes for both men and women. It is an attempt to desexualise nudism. So no one should wear items that call attention to their genitals or are suggestive. No lingerie, no genital jewellery or studs, suggestive tattoos or translucent outfits or skimpy swimwear.

  • Cover up your erection

Erections are natural. But nudists don’t call attention to them. So cover it up with a towel or turn over if you’re lying down. Do not stand or sit in a way that puts the erection on display.

  • Tampons or pads are both acceptable during menstruation

Women should be allowed to go through their period as normal. If they prefer a tampon, it is understandable when a string is visible. For those who prefer a pad, wearing a pair of shorts or a bikini bottom to hold the pad is perfectly fine. Wearing lingerie however is still not an acceptable solution.

  • No sex or masturbation

Again this goes for both men and women. No overtly sexual acts are allowed.

  • Feel free to complain if you’re uncomfortable

Sometimes language or non-verbal cues from other nudists can make others uncomfortable. They might not mean it in a sexual or aggressive way. But if you’re not keen, you should speak up. Others will support you.

  • No photos allowed

Usually at events, phones are voluntarily surrendered to prevent photo-taking.